Since 1990, MOSFLY changed its principle from a manufacturer to an investment holding that be more concerned on investment, management and marketing aspects. Presently, MOSFLY has manufacturing operations in Malaysia and Vietnam.

In 1980s, MOSFLY was appointed as a sole agent for Nakamura Machine, a well-known brand for mosquito coil making machines in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In the same decade, MOSFLY was the agent for Sumitomo Corporation carrying Pynamin Forte (d-allethrin) in Indonesia. Thanks to the described relationship with two Japanese companies, MOSFLY had the opportunity to absorb and learn the technology from both companies throughout the decade. MOSFLY practiced the technology by installing the mosquito coil machine for more than 90% of the factories in Indonesia during the early stage of household insecticide industry established in the country.

In mid 1980s, MOSFLY reached the international quality standard and received the SIRIM certificate since 1986 until today.